About Each One Teach One

Each One Teach One gives children the power of words and the enjoyment of learning about the world. Our goal is to get all children reading on grade level so they can be productive in school and their communities.

Each One Teach One: No More Gap (EOTO) is a program designed from the ground up by Mary Ann Bash, a 40+ year veteran teacher of Denver Public Schools and strident advocate for the capacity of all children (and families) to learn and succeed. The program is designed to address three fundamental gaps that are known, from the research literature, to stifle the realization of the potential of these students: the language development and word learning gap, the parent/family education gap, and the parent engagement gap. 

We provide learning opportunities to children and our community in the following ways:

  • Daily Lessons

  • Learning Gardens

  • Summer Program

  • Horticulture/Biking Club

  • Art

  • Parent English Class

What We Do

Check out what we've been up to lately:

  • On May 23, 2018, the Cooking from the Garden after-school program was highlighted by CBS Denver News 4 and Denver Public Schools.

  • Denver Channel 7 broadcast on October 11, 2017: "Each One, Teach One reading program finds success by involving parents, student volunteers".

  • 7 EOTO students were invited to work with Ron Finley from LA to celebrate school gardens.

  • CBS Denver News 4 broadcast of the September 27, 2017 EOTO Recognition Luncheon and an early celebration of Marie L. Greenwood's 105th birthday.


Friends of Marie L. Greenwood

6046 S. Chester Way

Greenwood Village, CO  80111-5230

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Tel:  303 220-7817

Email: friendsofmlg@comcast.net

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