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Each One Teach One

Each One Teach One

Closing the 30-million word gap

About Each One Teach One

Each One Teach One (EOTO) gives children the power of words and the enjoyment of learning about the world. Our goal is to get all children reading on grade level so they can be productive in school and their communities. Here's what people are saying about EOTO:

“EOTO is so much more than a literacy program as it produces the most engaging conversationalists which reflect students’ academic and social/emotional growth and confidence.”         

Superintendent Susana Cordova

“Over the past three years, I have personally seen the amazing impact of EOTO on students and parents. Compelling research by respected academicians aside, one only needs to spend a few hours with the young students to be blown away by their command of language, their passion for reading and learning, and their capacity for imparting knowledge and critical thinking to other students and adults. As a leader in this community concerned about quality and equitable education for students who are all too often at the bottom of DPS priorities, I must ask, ‘why isn’t every elementary school in Montbello funded to deliver this program?’ DPS already has the solution to improving educational outcomes by 3rd grade - EOTO. Every child and every parent in this community deserves the opportunity to elevate their chances for a successful future.”

Donna Garnett

Executive Director of Montbello

Organizing Committee and Editor of

Montbello Urban Spectrum Edition

If I were in charge of historically underserved schools, I’d ensure that every classroom has Each One Teach One because it is multi-generational, cross-curricular and culturally responsive. It engages every stakeholder at schools – teaching staffs, parents, students, community – in meaningful and individualized ways.                                                   

Molly Veliz

Bilingual Lead Elementary Teacher

“Through Each One Teach One, LENA Start and Cooking Matters for parents of birth - 5 year olds DPS ensures that we have healthy, thriving families, in addition to providing a solid continuum of literacy supports for students that enriches their academic experiences past the early elementary years. These three programs empower the communities that they serve to look at their own assets and skills in service of supporting their schools. In action, they are dynamic, culturally responsive, supportive, and absolute game-changers for our schools. By offering programs that support families in health, literacy, and their own development, we are supporting the whole child and the entire community. “                                   

Louisa Diffey

Director of DPS Strategic Initiatives


Denver’s Office of Children’s Affairs releases the Status of Denver’s Children which helps us understand who Denver’s children are, where they live, and the resources they access. The data indicates that the L-stretch from Montbello to Globeville and southwest Denver through Westwood is where our children who are experiencing more risk factors reside. The model that Each One Teach One uses, engages parents on how to support their children in school. The LENA Start program supports parents and children before they enter school. These are essential programs that positively impact and reduce the risk factors children and families experience in the Montbello community. Programs like this are an essential component to reduce some of the environmental factors that limit one’s ability to thrive in their community. These programs also support families to be successful and engaged in their schools and community.

Valerie Gonzales

Director of School Readiness for

Denver Office of Children’s Affairs

As a social worker I could only hope to find a school and community resource as effective, engaging, and empowering as EOTO. The literacy program targets language development and word learning that is essential to close the gap in educational achievement. Students also engage in social/emotional learning, supporting the Whole Child education approach. In addition, EOTO’s focus on parent and family education empowers families to become leaders and advocates for their children’s education which ultimately strengthens communities. All communities deserve access to such a remarkable, well-rounded, and successful program.                                

Jackie Henderson

School Social Worker


Each One Teach One provided rigorous literacy instruction and developed avid readers in our family when it was funded. We believe it was a significant contributor to our school’s “green” rating. It provided our older son highly customized and challenging literacy instruction consistent with his reading level and personal interests. It had such an impact that he independently studied books full of historical content during middle and high school. When our daughter was a beginner reader, she chose to read every book by the author of her EOTO book.  As parents in the Montbello community we endorse EOTO on a school-wide level, starting at early grades to promote literacy skills that build a sense of confidence that leads to leadership in school and as citizens.

Barbara and Edgar Rodriguez

DPS graduate from Montbello

and parents of 3 students


106-year-old Marie L. Greenwood exclaimed, “EOTO is one of the greatest programs I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a LOT.  It starts with children and parents and reaches out to the whole community.”

Each One Teach One: No More Gap (EOTO) is a program designed from the ground up by Mary Ann Bash, a 40+ year veteran teacher of Denver Public Schools and strident advocate for the capacity of all children (and families) to learn and succeed. The program is designed to address three fundamental gaps that are known, from the research literature, to stifle the realization of the potential of these students: the language development and word learning gap, the parent/family education gap, and the parent engagement gap. 

We provide learning opportunities to children and our community in the following ways:

  • Daily Lessons

  • Learning Gardens

  • Summer Program

  • Horticulture/Biking Club

  • Art

  • Parent English Class

What We Do

Check out what we've been up to lately:

  • On August 6, 2020, EOTO students demonstrated safe biking on the new Outdoor Biking Practice Course behind the Montbello Rec Center on Maxwell Place.

  • On August 5, 2020, EOTO students built solar ovens to use the sun's energy for cooking.

  • Watch a noteworthy video when some of our 2020 COVID 8th grade graduates were interviewed as 1st graders in the EOTO program. 

  • On May 23, 2018, the Cooking from the Garden after-school program was highlighted by CBS Denver News 4 and Denver Public Schools.

  • Denver Channel 7 broadcast on October 11, 2017: "Each One, Teach One reading program finds success by involving parents, student volunteers."

  • 7 EOTO students were invited to work with Ron Finley from LA to celebrate school gardens.

  • CBS Denver News 4 broadcast of the September 27, 2017 EOTO Recognition Luncheon and an early celebration of Marie L. Greenwood's 105th birthday.

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