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Her Revered Organizations

Shorter African Methodist Episcopal Church – a member for 90 years and a first soprano in  the choir for 70, her joy at Shorter began when her junior high friends invited her to join their Youth Development group.


Camp Nizhoni – she discovered her passion for the great outdoors and the majestic Colorado mountains through her tenure as Nature and Arts Counselor, inspiring campers to respect flora and fauna of Lincoln Hills.


Alpha Kappa Alpha – a member since 1932, Marie overcame her shyness and gained leadership skills as she traveled by train to serve at Boule, the annual meeting of the National Officers, including when she met her contralto idol, Marian Anderson.


Coterie – invited in 1937 to be one of 20 members of the group of women that studies arts, drama, classical literature and ethnic writings, just the beginning of her life philosophy “Never stop learning” that she continues to practice today.


Denver Public Library – in 1926 the Children’s Librarian opened the door to an endless supply of treasured books which had been denied Marie in Arizona because of her color. After retiring, Marie returned the favor by serving as a Visiting Read Aloud teacher throughout Denver Public Schools.


Y.W.C.A. – it was the Phyllis Wheatley branch that opened a whole new world to her with activities and companions, that ran the cherished Nizhoni Camp for African American girls, and that taught her early lessons in how an organization can break ranks with cultural norms and stand for social justice.

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