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With Principal Rachel Payne

With Principal Rachel Payne

Entrance to her school

Marie L. Greenwood Academy

In 2001, Mrs. Greenwood was honored by Denver Public Schools when they named a new elementary school in the Montbello community in her honor. By 2004 the school added middle school, grades 6 - 8, and in 2013 was renamed Marie L. Greenwood Academy. Current enrollment is 577 (97% students of color) with 91% of the children on Free and Reduced Lunch and 75% of them speak a language other than English at home. Nine percent of the children receive special education.


In 2008, Principal Devin Dillon (now National Senior Executive Director for New Leaders introduced Each One Teach One: No More Gap (EOTO) to Greenwood to offer struggling students in 4th - 7th grades rigorous and joyful small group literacy instruction. The locally-developed program mirrored Mrs. Greenwood’s passions and inspired students to want to become EOTO teachers. Developing expert teachers among Greenwood students is now a major goal of the program.


In 2017, the school’s primary students outperformed students in its network of schools in reading and writing, reflecting Mrs. Greenwood’s dedication to laying the foundation of achievement in first grade.

Physical Education
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