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Further Reading
  • By the Grace of God. The True Life Journey of 100 Years  by Dr. Marie L. Greenwood. The remarkable journey of Marie's life and all that she has endured, accomplished and enjoyed, which she attributes first and foremost to God.


  • Every Child Can Learn by Dr. Marie L. Greenwood. Vignettes written about 1st-grade students she taught, some of the challenges she faced, and how she solved their problems to the best of her ability and for the good of each child.


  • Read an article how Marie is still teaching at 104 in MUSE (Montbello Urban Spectrum Edition) July/August 2017 - turn to page 8

  • Did you know that November 4, 2010 is Marie Greenwood Day? Read the City and County of Denver's Proclamation

  • Visit the History Colorado Center and explore the “Mountain Haven” exhibit to learn the role that Lincoln Hills and its Camp Nizhoni played in Marie's life. She is prominently featured in the video in the display.

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