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Spanish vs. French or Dad vs. Teenager

Mrs. Greenwood harbors one regret. As teenagers are known for, she rebelled against her trilingual father’s encouragement to study Spanish in school. She insisted she should study French instead, so she could have conversations with her Creole relatives. It was too late when she discovered her French-speaking relatives also spoke English!!





Mrs. Greenwood loved all sports and especially skiing in her beloved majestic Rockies. She skied until she was 74 but for safety now she doesn’t play sports. However, when the Olympics are televised, she “shusses” down the mountain in her comfortable recliner!



When she kept missing the target in her college archery class, the dauntless Marie problem-solved and figured out if she aimed above the target, her arrows hit the bullseye. It was a life lesson she wants to pass on to people of all ages: “Aim for the stars and at least you’ll hit the treetops.”

Her Stories

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