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  • Mary Ann Bash

6th Annual Each One Teach One Recognition Luncheon

Students and adult guests celebrated each other at the 6th Annual Each One Teach One Recognition Luncheon in the Marie L. Greenwood Academy Library. First - sixth graders demonstrated their confidence and joy of learning when they introduced themselves to VIPs.

During Luncheon conversations students taught guests about engaging books they have rigorously studied in Each One Teach One. Guests were inspired by young children’s passion for composting and their knowledge of warm and cold weather crops children love to grow and eat in the school garden. New bikers convinced guests why EOTO Summer Program is so much fun, because they learn to ride bikes safely to neighborhood parks and to tend other schools’ gardens. Students performed expertly as servers of

our nutritious Via Alba catered meal, the first students to implement the famous chef, Alice Water’s, dream for all school lunches served family-style.

The memory-maker for all guests was EOTO students’ 105th birthday present for Mrs. Greenwood. They performed India Arie’s “Better People” song that encourages “young people to talk to old

people” and “old people to talk to young people” so “we are better people all around.” Mrs. Greenwood, a 70-year first soprano in her church choir, took center stage and with dignity, grace and humor developed during her wise 104 years, soloed on the final two verses.

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