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Still Learning from Mrs. Greenwood

Mrs. Greenwood welcomed five Greenwood Academy 6th graders who are studying her book, Every Child Can Learn, to learn effective teaching strategies they will implement as teachers of 3rd graders during EOTO Summer Program. Click here to listen to the highlights of their visit.

Mrs. Greenwood was stunned by the teaching practices students had recognized from reading just 4 vignettes about students Mrs. Greenwood had taught 75-80 years ago. Mrs. Greenwood hopes all teacher education candidates are taught the strategies the 6th graders identified.

Mrs. Greenwood’s teaching strategies:

  • Works to be sure every child succeeds

  • Is Firm/authoritative with sincere concern

  • Takes time to problem solve

  • Smiles and builds relationship with child

  • Stays calm and does not become upset or raise voice in face of challenging behaviors

  • Defines behavior she expects from child and has child observe other children for comparison

  • Requires child to make a response: “Do you understand?”

  • Teaches child to self-regulate

  • Uses praise and encouragement of specific behavior she expects in order to build child’s confidence

  • Gives extra support to be sure every child can read

  • Teaches life lessons

  • Builds relationships with families

  • Collaborates with other teachers

Mrs. Greenwood's teaching was not limited to her book. As she celebrated the students' extraordinary comprehension of her book, she elaborated a life lesson that was a new insight for the students. "When you make a mistake, don't look down on yourself as a failure. Fix it, learn from it and move on. Mistakes are a great learning tool: learn from your mistake and don't make it again!"

Thank you, Mrs. Greenwood for continuing to teach us at 105 years old!

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