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  • Mary Ann Bash

What do you remember about your first-grade teacher?

You probably spent about 1,100 hours with each of your first - fifth grade teachers. What was your first grade teacher’s name and what do you remember about her/him?

Chuck St. John ONLY remembers Mrs. Greenwood and one other elementary teacher. He shared his memories and this Newlon Elementary faculty photo from 1953. Mrs. Greenwood (bottom row, far left) taught us more about Mr. Vissner (top row, 5th from left), the PE teacher, who supported her decision to have a humbled “Brilliant Robby” join second grade. Principal Mr. Hansen (top row, far right) was one of the 10 teachers including Mrs. Greenwood hired in 1935, so they had an immediate bond and retired one after the other in 1974 and ‘75.

Respect from colleagues and administration play as important a role in Mrs. Greenwood's teaching memories as her beloved first graders.

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